Personal Safety Programs

As an expert on personal safety, Nancy has presented hundreds of customized safety programs to a wide variety of audiences throughout the world.  We look forward to developing a unique seminar to meet your specific safety needs.

A Partial List of the Focus of Past Programs:

*  Busy Professionals who, with demanding schedules, are often not paying enough attention to their safety

*  Business travelers who face unique issues - especially when traveling overseas

*  Preventing Identity Theft - from both the individual and the organizational perspective

*  Conflict Management to reduce the threat of crime & to achieve both professional and personal goals

*  Real Estate agents who are frequently alone with strangers

*  Nurses and others who work shifts and often walk onto empty parking lots at odd hours

*  Partner and spouse programs with individuals who take the information back to their families and communities 

*  Families - where safety becomes a project involving everyone from grandparents to the little ones 

*  Children who learn how to be safe from child molesters and abduction (Kindergarten - 8th grade)

*  Students in high school & college who are in a high-risk group for many crimes

*  Individuals of wealth who are at risk of being kidnapped for ransom  

*  Executives and their families who are at risk not only of ransom demands but also grudges against the company

*  Preventing Workplace Violence seminars to prepare employees and management teams   

*  Utility workers who are at risk from disgruntled customers when they are effecting a disconnect  

*  Evangelists who go door-to-door sharing their concern for the well-being of their neighbors   

*  Senior Citizens who lead active, busy lives and feel vulnerable   


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