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Thank you for your interest in our programs. If you would like additional material on any of our seminars, I will be happy to send it.

I offer several very distinct programs on personal safety. In all the seminars, participants learn how to recognize and avoid circumstances which increase their chances of being a victim. My presentations focus on the safest, most effective behaviors to exhibit if a person is involved in a potentially dangerous situation. I encourage participants to trust their instincts and teach them that they will be able to remain calm and competently handle an emergency should it arise.

A thought from the programs: Women who resist in a potential rape situation are twice as likely to escape. On the other hand, individuals who resist in a robbery run a very high risk of serious personal injury. The key is to use an effective form of resistance at the most advantageous time in the encounter.

Each of my programs can be customized to address the concerns of those who travel whether within the country or internationally.

Every person who participates in my presentations will feel a new sense of awareness and control - from the appropriate statements or comments to make to disarm an assailant to the actual physical self-defense strategies which are safest and most effective.

My audiences have included Fortune 500 companies, associations and universities throughout the United States and in seventeen foreign countries on six continents. These seminars consistently generate enthusiasm and produce results.

My presentation style is warm and candid. I encourage participation and create an atmosphere of one-to-one interaction. Attendees acquire important skills and the ability to apply them in both their personal and professional lives.

I am confident that your vision and plans for your organization's conference are creating excitement and interest for your attendees! In order to build on that enthusiasm as well as to insure the greatest possible take-home value for your participants, the program you choose will be customized specifically to meet the needs and goals you have identified for your conference, meeting or training session.

I certainly hope my unique background, experience and expertise are an excellent match for your personal safety training or programming needs. In the meantime, if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to review, please connect with my e-mail and send me a message or give me a call. I look forward to working with you.


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