Each appearance, even for the same program title, is unique. Your seminar will be customized to meet the goals you have identified. The emphasis of the presentation, examples used and method of delivery will focus on the needs and characteristics of each specific audience.



Charisma-Developing Your Leadership Abilities - Identify and learn how to reinforce the qualities and skills that increase your personal power.

The Competitive Edge - Discover powerful behaviors that help you perform at optimum effectiveness while minimizing the negative consequences of stress. Learn to apply the "Law of the Slight Edge."

Integrity - The Cornerstone of Your Success - The Cornerstone of Your Success - Your beliefs and values shape your destiny. Evaluate the impact of ethics on business and personal decisions.

The Wind Beneath Your Wings - Learn how your team can achieve maximum "loft" by understanding the dynamic interrelationships and drawing upon the individual strengths and talents within the group.



Meeting The Challenge of Change - The Challenge Of Change is making wise choices. Discover the dynamics of change and effective change implementation techniques and strategies.

Developing Synergy - Thriving During Challenge and Change - Conflicting priorities are a given in growing organizations. Learn how to surface diverse ideas and concerns as well as how to integrate them into a workable plan of action.

Resilience - Your Key To Meeting The Challenges of Change - Individual resilience is the key to using change, whether chosen or involuntary, as part of the process toward increased creativity, productivity and the fulfillment of your professional and personal goals.



Conflict Management - Building Customer Loyalty - Develop powerful conflict resolution skills. Conflict between individuals with differing goals is inevitable. Discover how to turn these encounters into opportunities to expand your organization's vision.

Creating Win - Win Situations Through Effective Negotiation - Develop your negotiating skills to: build trust and confidence between yourself and your counterpart; learn to read people and their tactics; improve your timing and create options.



Behavioral Flexibility - Improving Your People Skills - Learn how behavioral styles affect business and personal relationships and how to effectively use this knowledge to achieve your objectives.

Effective Business Presentation - Selling Yourself and Your Ideas to Others - Learn how to present your ideas with confidence. Essential training for any professional.

Communication - Unlocking Your Hidden Potential - Learn to communicate with clarity and sensitivity. Develop skills to meet your professional and personal goals and to enhance your life.



Making Your Relationship Work: Effective Negotiation Skills - The strongest indicator of marital or relationship success is the ability to negotiate. Effective negotiating is a method of unifying tow people’s ideas. Develop negotiating skills such as reading cues, improved timing, separating the person from the issue, establishing goals and creating options.



The Lady Is A Cop! - An entertaining, motivational after-dinner or after-lunch presentation. Stories of humor, courage and creative answers in challenging, sometimes dangerous situations.

Emcee - In addition to the programs listed above, Nancy also acts as Mistress of Ceremonies for many functions including panel discussions, television interviews and organization and corporate banquets.


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